DNA Sequencing Section

The Department's DNA sequencing unit is run in partnership with Source BioScience LifeSciences.

Source BioScience LifeSciences are European leaders in DNA sequencing, genomic services, bioinformatic analyses and offers a comprehensive portfolio of genomic reagents and antibodies.

Source BioScience LifeSciences offer a range of platforms and services to cater for your sequencing requirements.

  • Next Generation Sequencing: Source BioScience LifeSciences is pleased to offer the Illumina GAIIx and HiSeq 2000 sequencing systems.
  • DNA Sequencing from Purified Templates: We sequence your extracted templates using either stock universal primers or custom primers.
  • Plasmid Extraction and DNA Sequencing from Bacterial Cultures: We can transform your bugs to bases. Please contact us for information on sample submission.
  • GLP Compliant Sequencing: For when you require GLP compliant results.
  • Custom Projects: We can design and optimise PCRs for sequences or produce finished genomic sequencing to your specifications.
  • BAC,YAC or Cosmid Sequencing: Full sequencing of your BAC YAC or Cosmid construct is now available using the Illumina Genome Analyser IIx.
  • DNA Cloning Service: We provide a flexible and efficient cloning service catered to your specific needs.

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