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The IT helpdesk phone number is (6)13308. You will be able to speak to a member of IT support  who will assist you with IT-related technical problems.

IT Support Summary

The departmental network provides a wide range of core facilities. Members of the Department (and Part II students) are offered personal disc space, and an email account via the University Nexus service.  To access these facilities, to log into most departmental computers, and to use the network printers, you need a Biochemistry network account.

To obtain an account, please contact John Elder in Room 00-070, New Biochemistry. You must attend in person in order to set a password for your account. For further details see the guide on opening an account.

A Powerpoint Presentation used on induction days gives information on the Department's IT facilities. There is a Presentation Facilities page detailing departmental presentation facilities (IT-based and otherwise) under the "about us" subsection of this website.

IT Support staff are available to help you with any IT problems you may encounter. Requests for help should be made via the Job Request Form.

Alternatively, you may prefer to seek solutions yourself using the guides and other information available on the web site.

Oxford University IT Services provide a range of facilities, including a shop, training courses and a centralised backup service.

Please read the InfoService for the latest departmental IT news.

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