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Data Handling Web Tutorial (Oxford WWW course)

Here you will find examples of the sorts of data handling questions you will be expected to tackle in paper VI. The site will be continually expanded to include all the topics that you will be expected to have covered. These problems are similar to, but not identical, with the ones undergraduates will be set in the formally assessed data handling classes. They should make it easier for undergraduates to cope with these latter problems.

Molecular Graphics Practical (Oxford Software course)

The aims of this practical are twofold: (i) to instruct you in the use of a molecular graphics program, RasMol, which enables you to display protein structures; and (ii) to extend your knowledge of the different classes of protein folds.

During this process you will analyse several different protein structures. This will provide an introduction to the diversity of protein structures.

OxTALENT initiative

The aims of the informal steering group are threefold: (i) to raise awareness of the benefits of IT in enhancing Teaching and Learning; (ii) to promote interaction between individuals and groups already active in this field; and (iii) to stimulate the use of technology at all strata of the university.

Geological Sciences Mathematics tutorial system (Independent WWW course) This tutorial may be useful for some students having difficulty with Mathematics.

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