Bacterial DNA Repair and Mutagenesis

Uphoff Lab | Department of Biochemistry | University of Oxford

Our group investigates DNA repair and mutagenesis in bacteria. We seek to understand the mechanisms of DNA repair pathways and how mutation rates are regulated through DNA damage responses. Our goal is to directly measure these fundamental processes inside individual living cells. To this end, we develop single-molecule/super-resolution microscopy, single-cell manipulation, microfluidics, flow cytometry, and whole genome sequencing techniques. We also advance data analysis and computational modeling for quantitative descriptions of DNA repair and mutagenesis. We are currently very interested in the consequences of gene expression noise on the fidelity of genome maintenance. This work also informs about the origins of mutations that lead to antibiotic resistance.

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Upcoming conferences and seminar talks

Micron Symposium. Oxford 3-4th July 2018

Single Molecule Bacteriology Biochemical Society Harden Conference. Oxford. 9th-12th September 2018

Workshop on DNA transactions and Physical and Molecular Biology of Chromosomes. Egmond aan Zee. 16th-21st September 2018

Genome Maintenance Meeting (GMM5). Oslo. 9th-12th October 2018

Seminar at Laboratoire Jean Perrin, Paris. 16th October 2018

Seminar at University of Marseille. 17th October 2018

Seminar at Nottingham University. 21st November 2018

Seminar at Newcastle University. 13th February 2019

The New Microscopy

May 2018

Special Edition of Current Opinion in Microbiology co-edited with Ariane Briegel.

The Uphoff lab is growing!

May 2018

Veerle Brans from the Biomedical Imaging CDT started a joint project with our group and Achilles Kapanidis' lab.

Wellcome-Beit Prize

September 2017

Stephan has won a Wellcome-Beit Prize. A very welcome boost of funding for the new lab!

Join our group

Students interested in joining our lab for their PhD can apply to different graduate programs at Oxford University. Find out more and contact me directly.

Emma Jones

June 2018

Congratulations to Emma Jones who has completed her Part II project, and is returning for a summer internship in our lab.

Journal of Molecular Biology

May 2018

Understanding protein mobility in bacteria by tracking single molecules