Bacterial DNA Repair and Mutagenesis

Uphoff Lab | Department of Biochemistry | University of Oxford

Our group investigates DNA repair and mutagenesis in bacteria. We seek to understand the mechanisms of DNA repair pathways and how mutation rates are regulated through DNA damage responses. Our goal is to directly measure these fundamental processes inside individual living cells. To this end, we develop single-molecule/super-resolution microscopy, single-cell manipulation, microfluidics, flow cytometry, and whole genome sequencing techniques. We also advance data analysis and computational modeling for quantitative descriptions of DNA repair and mutagenesis. We are currently very interested in the consequences of gene expression noise on the fidelity of genome maintenance. This work also informs about the origins of mutations that lead to antibiotic resistance.

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Upcoming conferences and seminar talks

Workshop on DNA transactions and Physical and Molecular Biology of Chromosomes. Egmond aan Zee. 16th-21st September 2018

Genome Maintenance Meeting (GMM5). Oslo. 9th-12th October 2018

Seminar at Laboratoire Jean Perrin, Paris. 16th October 2018

Seminar at University of Marseille. 17th October 2018

Oxbacnet at University of Oxford. 31st October 2018

Seminar at Nottingham University. 21st November 2018

Seminar at Newcastle University. 13th February 2019

Fresh off the pre-print

August 2018

Choosing the right label for single-molecule tracking in live bacteria: Side-by-side comparison of photoactivatable fluorescent protein and Halo tag dyes is now available on bioRxiv.

Biochemical Society Prize for Emma Jones

July 2018

Emma Jones has been awarded a Biochemical Society Prize in recognition of her research project and contribution to the lab. Many congratulations!

New article published

June 2018

Real-time dynamics of mutagenesis reveal the chronology of DNA repair and damage tolerance responses in single cells, in PNAS.
See also the commentary by Bennett van Houten and Neil Kad.

May 2018

Special Edition of Current Opinion in Microbiology co-edited with Ariane Briegel.

Under the Lens

September 2018

We started a journal club with a bunch of groups at Oxford, where we take recent papers on Microbial Imaging "Under the Lens". This goes together with a new regular feature in Nature Reviews Microbiology. The first one is on "Filming flagella and pili in action". Stay tuned....

Wellcome to new students

September 2018

Three new students are joining our group this autumn: Lois Ogunlana - Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP programme - jointly supervised with Craig McLean in Zoology. Madeleine Hooper - Biochemistry Part II student. Mayisha Sultana - exchange student from Princeton.

Oxford Conference: Single Molecule Bacteriology

9-12 September 2018

We co-organized the 84th Biochemical Society Harden Conference on Single Molecule Bacteriology.

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