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The WOL service enables IT Support Staff, end-users and the HFS Backup Service to switch computers on remotely.

A desktop computer and monitor will consume about 920 kWh of electricity if left on all year, but only 198 kWh if switched off at the end of each working day, a saving of nearly 80%.

Contact ithelp@bioch.ox.ac.uk for more details

Further Information
1  Register the Computer

Step one is to register your computer. You need to do this logged onto the computer itself. Follow this link https://eem.ox.ac.uk/, you will be asked to sign on to the “University of Oxford Single Sign-On Login” (this is your Nexus username and password) click the “Register a machine” button and your computer will be registered.

2  Choose Your Wakeup Options

To select to have your computer woken up for TSM Backup click the “Update” button. Click the TSM dropdown and select the appropriate name.

On this page you can also select whether you would like your machine to wake up  automatically. Select a time and which days you wish to wake your machine. Note that departmental desktops have a Sophos scan set for 07:45, so you may wish to set a wakeup time of 07:30 to enable the scan to run.

Alternatively, you can leave the Wakeup Time at "Not Set" and just use the "Wake Up" button on the main screen when you wish to wake up your machine remotely, for example for a Remote Desktop session via VPN.

3  Troubleshooting

If your computer fails to wake up then a BIOS setting will need to be changed, please contact IT Support if you require any additional help.

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