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Grading and Re-grading

You must consult the Biochemistry Personnel Team if you are going to grade or re-grade a job role, they will then be able to guide you through the process.


Grading New Posts

For the creation of a new job role, the job description will need to be assessed against national guidelines (HERA) to ensure it is fairly and accurately graded. You will find information including grade and category descriptions, generic job descriptions and the grading procedure available here

A generic template for a Biochemistry job description and advert can be accessed from the menu on the left.


Re-grading Existing Posts

Re-grading applications may be submitted at any time in the year. The request to re-grade a post may arise from either the department or an individual. If you believe a post should be re-graded please contact the Biochemistry Personnel Team.

You will also find guidance and the forms for re-grading available at

Once the forms and updated job description have been completed they will be sent for assessment against the HERA guidelines.



For internal staff only. Please click here or use the menu on the left to access the Department of Biochemistry generic job description, advert and occupational health questionnaire.







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