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Oxford University Student Union Teaching Awards recognise Professor Garman’s excellence

Elspeth Garman has been short-listed for the 2013 Oxford University Student Union teaching award of ‘Most Acclaimed Lecturer’.

These student-led awards, which also include ‘Innovation in Teaching’ awards, provide students with direct opportunities to recognise excellence in teaching. When the awards were launched last year, over 400 students nominated over 330 tutors, lecturers and supervisors for an award.

Professor Garman was one of five nominations for ‘Most Acclaimed Lecturer’ in the Medical Sciences Division. Another nominee was Professor Simon Phillips, Director of the Research Complex at Harwell, who is a visiting professor in the Biochemistry department and gives a lecture course to Biochemistry and Biomedical Science undergraduates. The award was won by Dr Proochista Ariana in the Department of Public Health.

Elspeth Garman, the Vice-Chancellor and Simon Phillips at Rhodes House for the Teaching Awards ceremony on 12 June

Amongst the criteria for nomination of ‘Most Acclaimed Lecturer’ are that the lectures are engaging, informative, and well prepared.The lecturer should also have a visible sense of enthusiasm for the subject and be approachable and willing to answer questions.

Professor Garman is best known for the maths course she has developed to give students the foundations to tackle mathematically based areas of biochemistry.She teaches this to around 150 Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences students each year, delivering a total of 18 lectures as well as running problem classes which students find very helpful.

She was honoured to be nominated by students as it recognises the considerable amount of time and effort she puts into her teaching. ‘The course is quite a chunk of my professional activities’, she says. ‘I teach first year students and get them the first morning they are here.’

Teaching awards are not new to Professor Garman – her innovative and high quality teaching has been recognised by the University with a ‘Major Educator’ Teaching Award in 2008.



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