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Anaphase bridges in fission yeast cells
Whitby lab
Lactose permease represented using bending cylinders in Bendix software
Caroline Dahl, Sansom lab
Epithelial cells in C. elegans showing a seam cell that failed to undergo cytokinesis
Serena Ding, Woollard lab
Collage of Drosophila third instar larva optic lobe
Lu Yang, Davis lab
First year Biochemistry students at a practical class
Image showing the global movement of lipids in a model planar membrane
Matthieu Chavent, Sansom lab
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On-going activities

Here are some activities that our researchers take part in:

  • We give talks to schools and organise occasional visits to the Department.
  • Some of our researchers are STEM Ambassadors. These researchers are trained and take part in a huge range of informal science education activities including supporting projects in after-school STEM clubs and giving careers talks. 
  • Some labs host sixth-form students for work experience. We have limited capacity so cannot offer space to every interested individual. If you are interested in doing work experience in the department, please contact us.
  • Kathryn Scott helps run the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, an online and written chemistry competition for open to national and international participants.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more information about any of these activities and how we might be able to help you. 


















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