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Lactose permease represented using bending cylinders in Bendix software
Caroline Dahl, Sansom lab
Epithelial cells in C. elegans showing a seam cell that failed to undergo cytokinesis
Serena Ding, Woollard lab
Collage of Drosophila third instar larva optic lobe
Lu Yang, Davis lab
First year Biochemistry students at a practical class
Image showing the global movement of lipids in a model planar membrane
Matthieu Chavent, Sansom lab
Anaphase bridges in fission yeast cells
Whitby lab
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Information for Visitors

Please follow the link below for information regarding formal academic visits:


Parking in the science area is restricted. The Department only has a limited number of spaces available for allocation. Visitors are advised to have a space booked in advance of their visit and this should be arranged with the person that they are visiting.

Parking spaces allocated to the department.
Some of these are reserved for disabled visitors; please ask reception for details

On Arrival:

Please report to Main Building Reception:

The route to reception from South Parks Road

You will be issued with a Visitor's pass which should be worn throughout the visit. If you have booked a parking space you will also be issued with a one day parking permit which should be displayed on the dashboard and returned, together with your Visitor's pass, to Reception when you leave.

During Your Visit:

You must always be accompanied by your contact in the department. We place a very high value on Health & Safety and we will ensure that your visit is a safe one. Your contact will make you aware of any relevant Health & Safety procedures and we would ask you to follow any instructions you are given - especially in relation to fire evacuation procedures.



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