Timetable for incoming students

One year before you wish to come to Oxford:

  • September: Let your local ERASMUS co-ordinator know of your interest to take part in this scheme
  • November: your local co-ordinator will inform you whether your application has been successful.

During the exchange year:

  • January: Details of possible projects at Oxford will be posted on the Oxford Erasmus web site;
  • March: Decide on project preferences and let your co-ordinator know your decision and preference order;
  • April: Your co-ordinator will confirm your host Oxford College and project;
    • After confirmation, email your host supervisor to make contact and obtain further details about the project, if necessary;
    • Make email contact with your reciprocal student coming from Oxford;
    • Confirm acceptance and proposed dates with your co-ordinator;
    • Inform your co-ordinator about your accommodation arrangements at home during your absence;
    • Over summer vacation: Book tickets and read relevant publications.
    • Mid-September: Arrive in Oxford host lab and work on project for 12 weeks;
    • Early January: Continue on project for further 6 weeks
    • Mid-February: Return to home. If you need to write a dissertation take all your results, data etc, home with you, preferably in electronic form, or email it to yourself. LEAVE ALL ORIGINAL NOTEBOOKS IN YOUR HOST LAB - photocopy all that you need from them. Carry vital data etc. in hand luggage on planes.