General WWW Help

If you are new to the World Wide Web

The highlighted phrases (like this) are hypertext links to other documents or items of information, such as pictures, sounds or program files. To follow a link, just click once with the left mouse button on the link.

To learn more about the World Wide Web, you can visit WWW.W3.ORG, the birthplace of the Web, or read Google's definition. Additional information is also available.

To return to the Biochemistry Home Page, either click the button labelled "Back" (if you came here from said page) or click here. You will also find that clicking on the banner at the head of most pages on this server will return you to the home page.


Want to create your own WWW home page?


It is possible to set up your own World Wide Web Home Page on the IT Services server, appearing on the web in the form

Contact for more details

How to set up your web page


You will need to visit which has all the instructions you need for setting up your web page.

Quick links to OUCS's helpful setup pages are as follows:




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