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This website is aiming to be as accessible as possible.

Recommended graphical browsers are Internet Explorer and Netscape versions 4 and above. The site has been tested with Opera, Safari and Mozilla Firebird and functions well. The site is largely compatible with the Lynx text browser.

The recommended speaking browser is IBM Homepage Reader.

The design of the site has been refined for greater accessibility using the following tools:

All pages within this site can be displayed as largely text-only pages by clicking the link "View printer-friendly version of this page" situated at the bottom of every page.

All pages can be navigated and the full text read without the need for horizontal scrolling on a monitor running at 800x600 pixels.

University-wide accessibility statements can be viewed at and This website aims to honour these statements.

White-on-Black Colour Scheme

If you would prefer to view this website with a white-on-black colour scheme, it is possible to download an experimental style sheet to achieve this. Please right-click (PC) or ctrl-click (Mac) to download the style sheet to your computer. Then find the option in your web browser's preferences to use your own style sheet:

Internet Explorer on PC:
Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility > Format Documents Using My Style Sheet

Internet Explorer on Mac:
Preferences > Web Content > Use My Style Sheet

The white-on-black style sheet is here: biochwhite-on-black.css

Please e-mail your comments and questions on using this stylesheet to

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