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Welcome to the homepage of Mark Howarth’s lab in the

Department of Biochemistry at Oxford University. We work on

innovating Protein Nanotechnologies for Cancer Analysis and

Immune Activation. Inspired by extraordinary molecular features from

the natural world, our research develops new approaches for disease

prevention, diagnosis and therapy, as well as for fundamental insight

into how biological systems function.

NEWS........ ...Funded PhD studentship available: contact Mark for info. ...TED talk by Bijan describes some of lab’s technologies. ...Anusuya’s nanoteamwork review now out ...Congrats to Can on a successful thesis defence! ...Anthony and Anusuya‘s paper released. ...Interview on our work with SETI  for US radio and podcast. ...Welcome to Arne and Niels joining the lab! ...JJ and Mark present at Oxfordshire Science Festival. ...Anthony presents at Designer Biology meeting in Vienna. ...Royal Society of Chemistry Award  goes to our lab: congratulations to all former and current members! ...Protein alphabet out at Nature Struct&Mol Biol. Images to download and movie here ...Lab cherry blossom party  
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