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Microsoft Remote Desktop is a great way to drive a Windows PC remotely, here are some tips to get the best out of it

Install version 2.1.1

Remote desktop 2.1.1 has been around for years, is very reliable and is the author's preferred version. Download it using the link below

Remote Desktop for Mac version 2.1.1
Or install from the App Store

A newer version of Remote Desktop for Mac is available from the Mac App Store. There may come a time when this completely supercedes version 2.1.1

Remote Desktop via Mac App Store
Install the Mac Keyboard Layout

By default, you'll find that some symbols on your Mac keyboard don't produce the desired character when you type. [@] and ["] will be reversed, and [~], [\] and other characters may be hard to find. Install the special mac keyboard layout here onto your Windows PC to alleviate these problems.

Installation instructions are available from the internet archive* by following the "Mac keyboard layout installation" link below.

A further cryptic character problem is the hash [#] - type command-backslash on your Mac keyboard to have your Windows PC type a hash

If your Windows PC is only occasionally going to be controlled from a Mac keyboard, then you may want to investigate methods to quickly switch your keyboard layout between Mac and PC layouts as described here regarding foreign language keyboard layouts

*The original page has been taken offline

Mac keyboard layout installation

If you're using remote desktop on a laptop, the a two-finger click on your trackpad will produce a right-click on your windows PC as expected.

If you're using a one-button Apple mouse and usually right-click by doing a ctrl-click then choose Preferences > Keyboard within the remote desktop application and set ctrl-click as the secondary mouse button:

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