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How do I find the correct temporary replica share location

During maintenance work on biochstore4/6, the following read-only shares will be made available. The idea is that you should copy any files that you wish to edit to a local drive on your computer (e.g. the desktop). Once normal service is resumed, you can copy the modified files back into place. This is designed to avoid the need to work out in advance which files might be needed, or to take copies of entire file shares.

Domain-linked PCs will be able to find links to all the shares listed below at


Contact Jeremy Rowntree (13308) for more details

1  Home directories (H Drive)

All home directories can be found at





Look for your username in the list. In some cases, you will only see your own username. Alternatively, you can include your username in the share request. For example, if your username is bioc9999, you could use



2  Lab shares (R:\Labs)

Three shares are available. Find your lab name under the appropriate share according to the following list



  • Brown
  • Mellor




  • Axio
  • Berks
  • Bublitz
  • Cohn
  • Cox
  • Crispin
  • Garman
  • Handford
  • Hodgkin
  • Klose
  • Maxwell-Dicty
  • Medusa
  • OGBI_Mass_spec
  • Pears
  • Schnell
  • Seiradake
  • Unicorn
  • Vasilieva
  • Watts
  • Wattsgroup
  • Worm-aging
  • Zitzmann-andromeda



  • Angel
  • Barr
  • Beech
  • bioc0950
  • Brockdorff
  • Brockdorff_Klose_orders
  • Butters
  • Castello
  • Howarth
  • IDC
  • Kleanthous
  • Lakin
  • Lankester
  • molb0001
  • Nasmyth
  • Pegasus
  • Perseus
  • Sansom
  • Worm



  • Akiyoshi
  • Proteomics
  • Shammas
  • Sherratt
  • Uphoff
  • Woollard

3  Admin shares (R:\Admin\)

The following shares can be found under



  • Accounts
  • Athena_SWAN
  • CSO
  • Dept
  • Finance
  • Glyco
  • Grad
  • GradAccounts
  • Head
  • Jobs
  • MediaLab
  • Outreach
  • PAT_Test
  • Public (Teaching software)
  • Research_Services
  • Resolve (contact IT if you need this)
  • Safety
  • Stores
  • TeachAdm

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