Student Stories

There is no better way to get a flavour of life as an undergraduate that from those who have undertaken the course themselves. 

First year practicals

As part of their practical course, 1st year students have to prepare a poster based on one of the laboratory or computer practicals that they have done during the year. Recent examples have included posters on the Clinical applications of enzyme assays, the isolation and purification of lysozyme and where does an inhibitor do its job?

4th Year Research Projects

The majority of the 4th year is spend on a single research project. Students work alongside graduates and postdocs carrying out original research. The results they obtain are often published as part of a wider research program, and occasionally their project will form the entire basis of a publication with the student as first author. Examples of this have included:

Structural basis for mitotic centrosome assembly in flies
Z. Feng, A. Caballe, A. Wainman, S. Johnson, A.F.M. Haensele, M.A. Cottee, P.T. Conduit, S.M. Lea and J.W. Raff (2017) Cell, 169, 1078-1089.)

Starved Escherichia coli preserve reducing power under nitric oxide stress
G.-O.F. Gowers, J.L. Robinson and M.P. Brynildsen (2016) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 476, 29-34.

A conserved amphipathic helix is required for membrane tubule formation by Yop1p
J.P. Brady, J.K. Claridge, P.G. Smith and J.R. Schnell (2015) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 112, E639-E648.