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Group Photos

Group Xmas outing, Bath, December 2017

Julia's DPhil viva party, November 2017

The most elaborate DPhil hat attempted yet (yes, this IS a hat!)

EMBO Centrosome and Spindle Pole Bodies conference - Heidelberg 2017

Centrosome meeting in Thun (Switzerland) - Summer 2017

'Why did they come to pester me?' Group handles Owls Day - Summer 2017

Xmas 2016 in Birmingham

Winners of the 2016 group archery competition!

Group summer day 2016

"Student with her poster" (Julia Busch - Astbury conversation 2016)

Xmas 2015

The Vakonakis' lab entry to the 2015 Great IDP Bake Off competition

Group summer day, 2015

BioMalPar, 2015 (with Peter Beck)

Summer group day, 2014

RSC UK NMR Discussion group, 2014

Christmas 2013

"Sinergia" centriolar initiative, 2013 (with Pierre Gönczy and Michel Steinmetz)

June 2012 (with Iain Campbell)

March 2011 (with Iain Campbell)

Christmas 2010 (with Iain Campbell)

June 2010 (with Iain Campbell and Jason Schnell)

Retirement symposium in honour of Prof. Iain Campbell, September 2009

Oxford LMB, 2007






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