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Personal Development

Personal Development Review (PDR)

PDR is an important part of working life.

  • It gives reviewees time to consider what has worked well and what may need improvement.
  • It gives reviewers a better understanding of their team’s abilities and ambitions.

Every member of staff within the department should be part of the PDR process, it is a practical evaluation of the year gone by and a discussion about the year ahead. PDR will give you the time to decide if everything is going well and no changes are needed, or you may realise that you would like to talk through some ideas for change. If you are not looking for career progression, it is still good to talk about how things are going. For staff who may wish to alter or advance their careers, PDR helps you consider the skills you have or may need.


The PDR is undertaken using the PDR form, which can be used as a short practical guide on the review process.

To get the most from your PDR it is  recommended that you read the appropriate handbook.

Academic / Research Staff

Administrative / Technical / Support Staff
A guide for Academics / Research Reviewers / Principal Investigators who are conducting PDR reviews. A guide for Administrative / Technical / Support Managers who are conducting PDR reviews.
A guide for Research Staff who are having a PDR. A guide for Administrative / Technicial  / Support staff who are having a PDR.
PDR: Review Form PDR: Review Form









Within the Department of Biochemistry PDRs are run on an annual cycle. Typically, in the first term of each calendar year, personnel will send reminders out to all line managers. Reviewees will then be contacted by their line managers and invited to undertake a PDR. If you are on a research contract, this timing may alter slightly to ensure that you receive the maximum number of reviews during your contract and your line manager will be able to advise you further.


If you would like a PDR and have not been contacted by your line manager, please contact who will be able to help. If you have been offered a PDR, but having read the guide, you would prefer to decline, please contact Rita to let her know (this ensures we know everyone has been offered a PDR).


Additional Information

The Oxford Learning Institute have an on-line course for reviewers.

Research staff are encouraged to look at the Vitae ‘Researcher Development Framework’ which has been designed to help support researcher’s careers.


Academic Appraisals

If you are part of the Academic Appraisal Scheme you will be contacted (usually by the Medical Sciences Divisional Board or other appointing body) to discuss these arrangements. For more information please see;



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