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Anaphase bridges in fission yeast cells
Whitby lab
Lactose permease represented using bending cylinders in Bendix software
Caroline Dahl, Sansom lab
Epithelial cells in C. elegans showing a seam cell that failed to undergo cytokinesis
Serena Ding, Woollard lab
Collage of Drosophila third instar larva optic lobe
Lu Yang, Davis lab
First year Biochemistry students at a practical class
Image showing the global movement of lipids in a model planar membrane
Matthieu Chavent, Sansom lab
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Postdoctoral Research Associate in Crystallography and Inhibitor Design
We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Associate to work under the supervision of Professor Nicole Zitzmann in the antiviral drug discovery team. The project involves structural characterisation of components of the endoplasmic reticulum quality control cycle, the enzymatic targets for our broad-spectrum antiviral drug discovery programme

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