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How to install Pymol on a Mac

If you fall into the category of a student/instructor, this educational version of pymol is for you:

Otherwise, the following steps detail how to get the open source version up and running

1  Install the XCode comand-line tools

If you haven’t already installed XCode, run this from the terminal by copying & pasting:
xcode-select --install
If you haven't got it installed already, you'll also need XQuartz from:

2  Install MacPorts

Install the correct MacPorts for your OS package for your OS from:

3  Use MacPorts to install pymol

sudo port selfupdate
sudo port install tcl -corefoundation
sudo port install pymol

Note: You may see some warnings along the lines of "xcodebuild exists but failed to execute; most ports will likely fail to build". This will be the case if you have the slimmed-down xcode command line tools installed (as above) but not the full weighty xcode package. This warning doesn't appear to be a problem.

4  Launch Pymol

Launch pymol from the Terminal

and press return

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