Work at the bench

Postdocs in Biochemistry


The Postdoc Committee aims to improve the scientific and social lives of the postdoc community in the Biochemistry Department by giving a “voice” to postdocs and offering support to both their personal and professional development. In 2018, we organised nearly two dozen events, including the annual Postdoc Retreat and Poster Session alongside regular career-based seminars, workshops, a college formal dinner and more informal coffee socials at the Department and evenings in town. We use these events to highlight opportunities with regards to mentoring schemes, teaching, career development, outreach, fellowships, departmental research facilities, and support with entrepreneurship in Oxford. 


Looking forwards we are focusing on increasing collaboration between departments of the Medical Sciences Division and plan to expand upon support that promotes the well-being of postdocs within the Department.


Mentoring scheme


We run a mentoring scheme for post-doctoral researchers, created to support you as early career scientists who are keen to develop the skills needed to fulfil your potential.


We use mentoring circles to allow peer-to-peer mentoring, alongside the traditional one-to-one mentor to mentee relationship.


If you’re interested in joining the scheme, apply by completing the form on the website at  and returning it to Rita Emberton.


Department of Biochemistry Annual Recess

The Department holds an annual recess at St. Catherine’s College during the first quarter of each year with all members of the Department invited to attend.  The meeting consists of a full day and a half of talks presented by students and/or post-docs presenting their work to fellow members of the Department, with PIs chairing each session.  All attendees are invited to attend a full College dinner, with seating plan, at the end of the first day, which gives an opportunity to mingle with other members of the Department.  As the Department has ~400 members, the Annual Recess provides a relaxed forum to meet and talk with other members of the Department.