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The Biochemistry Department is now one of the largest in Europe and was the highest ranked in the UK at the last assessment exercise in 2008. We attract significant research funding from Government and charitable organizations for our mainstream research activities. We teach a lively and state-of-the-art undergraduate course with nowadays around 100 students graduating every year. Additionally, around 50 graduates achieve their D.Phil. annually.

Young scientists - undergraduates

If you were one of our graduates at any level, then we are keen either to maintain or to re-establish contact with you. We have always had a major commitment to retaining young people in science, and one way of doing this is to fuel their enthusiasm through research in the lab.

We get funding for a very limited number (a handful) of summer internships (or placements) but we have space for more - all of us on the faculty are keen to accommodate gifted individuals in our research environments.

£1000 will fund a summer placement for an Oxford undergraduate for 4 weeks (many students will gladly give up 8 weeks of their vacations to such placement). Such a donation could be a one off, or on a recurrent basis, and named if required. We will apply strict selection criteria and match student with laboratory support.

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Young scientists - graduates

We, as a department, make a commitment from our own funds to support each graduate to attend one conference (cash limited) during their time with us. This is not enough in a 3 - 4 year D.Phil., and exposure to international scientists can ensure their subsequent employment, dissemination of their science and networking that can be vital for their research. Initial "seed" funding is often sufficient to gain other support.

£500 can fund travel and registration at a European conference. £800 - 1000 can fund travel and registration at a US/Asian conference.

A travel fund either through endowment or on a recurrent basis can be named to recognize the benefactor.

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Faculty development

Named Professorial chairs are vital in giving the department freedom to attract the very best senior faculty. The David Phillips, Whitley and Iveagh Chairs attracted people such as Sir Paul Nurse (Nobel Laureate), Sir Ed Southern, Dame Louise Johnson and Rodney Porter (Nobel Laureate) to the department.

Benefactions can be tailored to individual requirements, and can either fund a chair for a fixed term, or be supported from the income from endowments. Both individual or corporate benefactions are encouraged, although selection for any position will, as always, be purely on scientific excellence and the development of the areas of research for the department.

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We have a spectacular building in which to work, unsurpassed in its appeal and style. This was funded partly from Government, partly from University and partly from endowments.