Athena Swan Silver Award Renewal

We are delighted that we have been awarded a renewal of our Silver Athena SWAN award, recognising everybody’s efforts and achievements in making Biochemistry a great place to work and encouraging everybody to achieve their best. 

This award is thanks to the hard work of a large number of people. We have been collecting and analysing data on all aspects of departmental life since 2012 so we can see which actions are working. Many of you will have been involved in discussions on how to improve our working environment and to ensure fair and transparent processes and procedures are followed and we are grateful for all your input.  We achieved a Bronze Award in 2012 and in 2015 we successfully applied for a Silver Award for demonstrating real impact of our efforts. In November last year we applied for a renewal of our Silver status as we continue to make strides towards gender equality, while recognising that this will be a long-term process. The data shows encouraging progress and we are starting an ambitious plan of actions to continue the improvement. If you have an Oxford Single Sign-on account, you can read the application and the action plan by following this link.

We are always open for discussion and suggestions so please contact a member of the Self Assessment Team (SAT) or come along to our meetings which are open for everyone.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who worked so hard.

Catherine Pears 
Equality and Diversity Lead

23rd May 2019