Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy

Facility information

In Micron we offer a full suite of facilities and services to enable biological researchers to access the latest microscope technologies. Andrew and his facility team provide training and support on a wide range of microscopes ranging from super resolution to cryo correlative microscopy. They are happy to advise users on what system is most appropriate for their experiment and to offer help with sample preparation and experimental design. Micron also provides access to the latest image analysis, data storage and visualisation methods including  super-resolution quality control, denoising and machine learning-based image analysis. The facility in Biochemistry is partnered with many imaging facilitites in other departments across Oxford through the Micron collaborative umbrella, so users have access to the full range of the microscopes that biologists need, from wide-field deconvolution, confocal, light sheet and 4Pi to 3DSIM, STED, storm, TIRF, FCS and CLEM. 


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