Advanced Proteomics Facility

Facility information

The APF team have expertise in sample preparation, protein chemistry, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics.  The facility is equipped with a wide range of mass spectrometry instrumentation, HPLC fractionation systems, sample preparation technologies and data analysis software. We provide protein, protein complex, proteome identification as routine services. Often once identified the questions switch to how much is there and how is it regulated? So, we also have extensive experience in quantitative mass spectrometry and characterisation methods for a range of post-translational modifications, which aid regulation, such as phosphorylation, methylation and ubiquitylation.  The facility is also carrying out research and is constantly evolving introducing new technologies and services.


We can handle all the steps in an experiment from protein extraction out of a cell pellet/tissue biopsy to data analysis. However, we do encourage all to perform their own experiments and offer training courses that cover most aspects of a proteomics experiment. The facility is open to all Oxford researchers as well as external academic and commercial users.


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