Centenary News: Scientific Imaging Competition Award Ceremony

The Department of Biochemistry at the University of Oxford recently held its Centenary Scientific Imaging Competition to celebrate a hundred years of research excellence.

The competition, which took place in the Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Building, was hosted by Professor Francis Barr, the Head of the Department.
nick gatford

The competition, which was kindly sponsored by ONi, this attracted entries from students, researchers, and staff members across the medical sciences division, all showcasing their scientific imaging skills. The competition was divided into two categories: Videos and Images, and three prizes were awarded in each category.

The entries were examined by a diverse panel of judges, from art and scientific backgrounds. Each panel member was asked to rank the images and videos according to the following criteria: Creativity & Originality, Informational Content, Technical Proficiency and Artistic & Visual Impact. From there, 12 images and videos were shortlisted, and the candidates who submitted these were asked to attend the award ceremony.

jeff lee
Image awards

In the Images category, the first prize was awarded to Nick Gatford, from NDCN. His stunning image of B-100-3, a culture of human dopaminergic neurons generated from Human stem cells. See Kudoboard image 22.

The second prize went to Jeff Lee, from Ilan Davis Lab for his image: Collage of developing drosophila brains. See Kudoboard image 12.

While the third prize was awarded to Judy Sayers, from the Department of Physiology with her image: Seeing through the heart. See Kudoboard image 18.


judy sayers
Video awards

In the Videos category, the first prize was won by Judy Sayers, Department of Physiology with her video: The cardiac conduction system and coronary arteries. See Kudoboard video G.

The second prize went to Dheeraj Prakaash from the Syma Khalid Lab, with his video: Amino Acids in action. See Kudoboard Video E.

Finally, the third prize was awarded to Divya Choudhary, from Stephan Uphoff Lab. Her video titled: Bacterial armies against stressful immune attach. See Kudoboard video B.

Speaking about the competition, Professor Barr said: "The standard of entries was incredibly high, and it was inspiring to see the creativity and scientific rigor demonstrated by everyone who took part. It's a fitting celebration of the Department's centenary, and I'm proud to see the diversity of scientific talent on display."

The winners were awarded their prizes at a special ceremony, and their images and videos will be exhibited in the Department of Biochemistry for the next few months. The competition has not only highlighted the exceptional talent within the Department and Medical Sciences Division, but also the importance of scientific imaging in the study of biochemistry.


See Kudoboards below to view all entries:

Image Board 1

Image Board 2

Image Board 3

Video Board


Ben Gregorio
March 2023