Interdepartmental Postdoctoral Poster Session

interdepartmental postdoctoral poster session

On May 16 2019, the postdoc associations from Department of Biochemistry, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG), and Sir William Dunn School of Pathology hosted the first Interdepartmental Postdoc Poster Session at the New Biochemistry Building. 48 postdoctoral scientists used the opportunity to present their research to other members of the three departments. 

The event allowed postdocs to communicate their research goals and findings to their colleagues, and provided an opportunity to train presentation skills and to network with researchers across the three departments. 

The posters and their presentations were assessed by judges consisting of 11 PIs from the three departments. Poster prizes were awarded for best poster (congratulations to Aleksander Szczurek, Neil Blackledge and Robert Smith), best organisation (congratulations to Manuel Garcia-Moreno, Jakub Tomek and Nikita Ved) and best presentation (congratulations to Guifeng Wei, Alan Wainman and Keith Cassidy) as well as a prize for the favourite poster chosen by fellow researchers, staff and students (congratulations to Frank Lennartz).


We would like to thank Merck, Proteintech and the Biochemical Society for sponsoring the event.

Biochemistry postdoc committee
3rd June 2019