International Women’s Day: Biochemistry celebrates “Women in Science” at the History of Science Museum

On the 11th of February the History of Science Museum organised their “Women in Science” event. Three members of the Biochemistry Department participated: Larissa Dietz – Dphil Student in Paul Elliott Lab, Anna Kogan - DPhil Student in Lars Jansen Lab and Valentine Lagage - Postdocs in Stephan Uphoff lab.

They prepared three activities, including folding a DNA origami, inspecting lysozyme crystals and a puzzle game with cats, that linked to the story of three women in science: Rosalind Franklin (DNA origami to demonstrate the double helix), Dorothy Hodgkin (lysozyme crystals as examples for protein crystals), Mary F. Lyon (puzzle with cats to explain X chromosome inactivation). All three of them really enjoyed participating in the event and interacting with a range of visitors, from kids to biochemistry students to adults. The event was 2h long and about 1000 visitors came to the museum during that afternoon. 

Valentine Lagage said “It can be an incredibly rewarding experience and you’ll get asked the occasional challenging question, for example if DNA eats popcorn?”

The "Women in Science" event is part of a wider effort by the History of Science Museum to promote diversity and inclusivity in science and inspire the next generation of scientists. Biochemistry is proud to be a part of a positive movement to inspire young women through showcasing the opportunities that working in science offers.


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Hands-on activities: folding a DNA origami, inspecting lysozyme crystals and a puzzle game with cats, linking to the stories of three women in science


Ben Gregorio, Larissa Dietz, Anna Kogan and Valentine Lagage
8th March 2023