Jim Mellon £1m donation to support Longevity Science

We are delighted to announce that Jim Mellon (1975, PPE), British investor and philanthropist, has gifted £1 million to Oriel College support and advance the study of Longevity Science at Oxford.

The gift is the largest of its kind dedicated to Longevity Science to a UK university, making Oriel and Oxford a focal point for efforts to improve future health resilience by boosting the immunity and healthspan of ageing populations. More specifically, the gift will support the work of Professor Lynne Cox, Moody Fellow in Biochemistry, whose lab based in the Department of Biochemistry studies the molecular basis of human ageing, with the aim of reducing the morbidity and frailty associated with old age through better health and immune resilience.

For more information, please see the full story at  https://www.oriel.ox.ac.uk/about-college/news-events/news/orielensis-jim-mellon-gifts-%C2%A31-million-aid-research-improving-future


Press Release
15th May 2020