Matt Higgins awarded the 2021 C. A. Wright Medal of the British Society for Parasitology

Matt Higgins has been awarded the 2021 C. A. Wright Medal of the British Society for Parasitology. This award is given to recognise an “outstanding contribution to the discipline of parasitology” and is a recognition of the discoveries made by members of the Higgins laboratory, past and present. The citation from the British Society for parasitology reads:

"Matt’s significant contribution to parasitology has been to deploy the precision of structural biology to transform our understanding of host-parasite interactions, with particular focuses on malaria and on African trypanosomes. The detailed molecular insight provided by his team, much of it gained through strong collaborations, has allowed him to answer fundamental questions about parasite surface protein families and about the organisation of parasite surfaces. Aspects of his work also have a translational focus, allowing him to explore human antibody responses to vaccination and to use this structural insight to guide vaccine immunogen design. Matt is also committed to inspiring the next generation of scientists through his work in teaching, training and public engagement including a Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in 2018. He is a very worthy winner of this year's C. A. Wright Medal."


Matt Higgins / British Society For Parasitology
19th May 2021

Prof Matt Higgins

Professor Matt Higgins