Michal Gdula from Brockdorff Lab awarded £800k to set up his own lab

michal gdula

Michal Gdula from Brockdorff Lab has been awarded £800k to set up his own lab, and is looking for team members

After nearly five productive years in Neil’s Lab, Michal is setting up his own lab to study developmental epigenetics at the Faculty of Biology and the Centre of Advanced Technologies of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland (http://know-rna.amu.edu.pl/faculty-of-biology/). After having published his work with Tatyana Nesterova on the role of SmcHD1 protein in X chromosome inactivation in Nature Communications last year (PMID:30604745), he got awarded in total ~£800k from Polish National Science Centre and NAWA agencies for two research projects. 

Michal is going to study different questions in the fields of developmental biology, cell differentiation and cancerogenesis. He is interested how the three-dimensional organization of the genome within the nucleus affects cell-type specific gene activity. He will use both cell culture experiments and animal models combining wet lab with bioinformatics and advanced microscopy. 

NAWA Polish Returns programme will fund a project on developmentally regulated changes in genome folding which affect gene activity and cell differentiation. NAWA funding includes salary for a postdoc and lab manager/research assistant for 4 years.

Michal is also going to study how DNA replication changes the local folding of the genome. This project is funded by the OPUS grant from the National Science Centre funding besides other costs also a postdoc position for 3 years. 

If you are interested in any of the mentioned positions don’t hesitate to contact him informally: michal.gdula@amu.edu.pl . Official recruitment will take place shortly; job ads will be posted among other media also on twitter: @michal_gdula.


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Michal Gdula
28th February 2020