New Department of Biochemistry logo to mark centenary year

biochem 100 logo final

We are delighted to announce the Department of Biochemistry has a new logo to mark its centenary year. This logo, the winner of a competition held within the department, illustrates our 100 years creatively and succinctly, and also captures the highly collaborative nature of our work and our success. 

Sixteen entries were submitted into the competition and all were of a very high quality as you can see below. However, the winning piece which was designed by Martino Bardelli, a postdoc researcher in the Department of Biochemistry, and Isil Senol, who is a marketing and communications officer in the Kavli Institute, has both great impact and clear simplicity. 

We congratulate Martino and Isil on achieving what is often the most elusive, but most significant result.

The logo will be displayed on the department website and on other material throughout our centenary year. 

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Centenary Logo Competition - Final Entries: