Prize winners of the Postgraduate Symposium 2020

This year the Annual Postgraduate Symposium 2020 happened remotely at the beginning of Michaelmas Term. The quality of research presented was very high and we were very proud to hear the passion and commitment our students show towards their topics. This year we awarded three Symposium prizes for exceptional performance:

  • Amy Chu, a member of the Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Theme, presented on the topic of "Investigating the Extracellular Interactions of Proteins in Neural Development"
  • Lisa Rodermund, a member of the Chromosomal and RNA Biology Theme, presented on the topic of “Imaging Xist RNA dynamics
  • Samuel Gérard, a member of the Infection and Disease Processes Theme, presented on the topic of “Structure of the inhibited state of the Sec translocon

Congratulations to all the awardees.

postgraduate annual symposium winners


Barbara Galinska
2nd November 2020