A taste of biochemistry for school students


UNIQ Students enjoying their summer camp

UNIQ Students enjoying their summer camp

Why study biochemistry at University? Here in the department we have tried to answer this question for 40 students visiting Oxford for a week-long residential camp as part of the UNIQ summer school program. This program aims to encourage students from UK state schools to apply to university by giving them a flavour of life as an undergraduate. 

Over four days 36 DPhil students, postdocs and professors were involved in delivering activities for the UNIQ students. The students heard lectures on the latest research in structural biology, virology, immunity and ageing given by departmental staff. In the laboratory students extracted their own DNA for analysis with PCR, purified green fluorescent protein, tried their hand at combinatorial chemistry to make antibiotics and had the opportunity to learn how mutations can change the physiology of the model organism C. elegans. The iGEM team led an activity introducing the students to synthetic biology, and the students were also given the opportunity to experience a tutorial on structural biology.

Many thanks to all of those who participated: Ivan Campeotto, JL Kiappes, Juan Escobar, Dan Hellyer, Dave Stroud, Matt Higgins, Jo Miller, Ilias Kounatidis, Hayley Lees, Mark Wormald, Oliver Adams, Fiona Naugton, Archna Shah, Aino Jarvelin, Ana Clark, Jisoo Jean, Helena Francis, Emma Carter, Phoebe Oldach, Lan Le, Henry Sawczyk, Jacqueline Gill, Marc Daemgen, Sarah-Beth Amos, Ekaterina Lamber, Natasha Rhys, Anna Duncan, Kyle Bennet, Josie Elliott and the iGEM team, for sharing their expertise with enthusiasm and energy.

Kathryn Scott
4th August 2017