Oxford University Biomembrane Structure Unit

Oxford University Biomembrane Structure Unit (OUBSU), directed by Professor Anthony Watts, has its main labs in the Department of Biochemistry at Oxford. The Unit's solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) labs are at the Biological Solid State NMR Facility, at the STFC's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Didcot.


The main research interests of the Watts's group focus on the study of the structure of small molecules when at their site of action in membrane-bound proteins whilst in their native, fully functional form in membranes. In addition, peptides which form channels in membranes are being studied to high resolution using solid state NMR methods. The potential for understanding how the membrane-bound targets for hormones, solutes and drugs function can be realised with this emerging technology.


The NMR Facility was opened in 1998, funded through investments by HEFCE and UK Research Councils with matching funds from instrument manufacturers. It is equipped as one of the major solid state biological NMR centres in the world and now has some of the most advanced instruments (at 200MHz, 400MHz, 500MHz and 800MHz) and support facilities anywhere world-wide for use in structural biology.


OUBSU Publications : since 2005

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Publications - 2023

  • J. Birch, T.O.C. Kwan, P.J. Judge, D. Axford, P. Aller, A. Butryn, R.I. Reis, J. F. Bada Juarez, J. Vinals, R. L. Owen, E. Nango, R. Tanaka, K. Tono, Y. Joti, T. Tanaka, S. Owada, M. Sugahara, S. Iwata, A. M. Orville, A. Watts, I. Moraes (2023) “A versatile approach to high-density microcrystals in lipidic cubic phase for room-temperature serial crystallography” Journal of Applied Crystallography 56 (5)

Publications - 2022

  • R. Hu, X. Ding, P. Yu, X. He, A. Watts, X. Zhao, J Wang (2022) “Ultrafast Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy Resolved a Structured Lysine 159 on the Cytoplasmic Surface of the Microbial Photoreceptor Bacteriorhodopsin” Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (48), 22083-22092
  • S.. Chen, X Ding, C. Sun, F. Wang, X. He, A. Watts, X. Zhao (2022) “Archaeal lipids regulating the trimeric structure dynamics of bacteriorhodopsin for efficient proton release and uptake” International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (13), 6913
  • N.A. Fontana, A.D. Rosse, A. Watts, P.S.R. Coelho, A.J. Costa-Filho (2022) “In vivo observation of amyloid-like fibrils produced under stress” International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 199, 42-50
  • P.J. Judge, J.F.B. Juarez, D. Axford, I. Moraes, A. Watts (2022) Biophysical Journal 121 (3), 316a “Structures of the archaerhodopsin-3 transporter reveal that disordering of internal water networks underpins receptor sensitization”
  • D. Axford, P.J. Judge, J.F. Bada Juarez, T.O.C. Kwan, J. Birch, J. Vinals, A. Watts, ...(2022) ”Two states of a light-sensitive membrane protein captured at room temperature using thin-film sample mounts” Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology 78 (1), 52-58

Publications - 2021

  • K.K. Hoi, J.F. Bada Juarez, P.J. Judge, H.Y. Yen, D. Wu, J. Vinals, G.F. Taylor, A. Watts, C. V. Robinson (2021) “Detergent-free lipodisq nanoparticles facilitate high-resolution mass spectrometry of folded integral membrane proteins” Nano letters 21 (7), 2824-2831
  • N.A. Fontana, A.D. Rosse, A. Watts, P.S.R Coelho, A.J. Costa-Filho (2021) bioRxiv, 2021.02. 02.429251 “In vivo amyloid-like fibrils produced under stress”
  • J. F. B. Juarez, P. J. Judge, S. Adam, D. Axford, J. Vinals, J. Birch, T. O. C. Kwan, K. K. Hoi, H-Y. Yen, A. Vial, P-E. Milhiet, C. V. Robinson, I. Schapiro, I. Moraes and A. Watts (2021) "Structures of the archaerhodopsin-3 transporter reveal that disordering of internal water networks underpins receptor sensitization" Nature Communications 629

Publications - 2020

  • S. Lavington and A. Watts (2020) Lipid nanoparticle technologies for the study of G protein-coupled receptors in lipid environments, Biophysical Rev . 12:1287-1392
  • M. L. Torgersen, P. Judge, J. F. B. Juarez, A. D. Pandya, M. Fusser, C. W. Davies, M. K. Maciejewska, D. J. Yin, G. M. Maelandsmo, T. Skotland, A. Watts and K. Sandvig (2020) "Physicochemical Characterization, Toxicity and In Vivo Biodistribution Studies of a Discoidal, Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Vehicle: Lipodisq Nanoparticles Containing Doxorubicin" Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology , vol. 16; 4:419-431
  • L. F. S. Mendes, M. R. B. Batista, P. J. Judge, A. Watts, C. Redfield and A. J. Costa‐Filho (2020) "Conformational flexibility of GRASPs and their constituent PDZ subdomains reveals structural basis of their promiscuous interactome" FEBS Journal , vol. 287(15);3255-3272
  • J. F. B. Juareza, J. C. Muñoz-García, R. dos Reisa, A. Henry, D. McMillan, M. Kriek, M. Wood, C. Van den Plas, Z. Sands, L. Castro, R. Taylor and A. Watts (2020) "Detergent-free extraction of a functional low-expressing GPCR from a human cell line" BBA Biomembranes , 1862(3); 183152
  • P. M. Dijkman, J. C. Muñoz-García, S. R. Lavington, P. S. Kumagai, R. I. dos Reis, D. Yin,
  • P. J. Stansfeld, A. J. Costa-Filho and A. Watts, (2020) "Conformational dynamics of a G protein-coupled receptor helix 8 in lipid membranes" Science Advances 14(6)
  • N. A. Fontana, A. D. Rosse, A. Watts, P. S. R. Coelho, A. J. Costa-Filho (2020) "In vivo amyloid-like fibrils produced under stress" bioRXiv , doi.org/10.1101/2021.02.02.429251

Publications - 2019

  • J. F. B. Juarez, A. J. Harper, P. J. Judge, S. R. Tonge, A. Watts (2019) "From polymer chemistry to structural biology: The development of SMA and related amphipathic polymers for membrane protein extraction and solubilisation, Chemistry and Physics of Lipids , vol. 2221:167-175
  • J. F. Bada Juarez, D. O'Rourke, P. J. Judge, L. C. Liu, J. Hodgkin and A. Watts, (2019) "Lipodisqs for eukaryote lipidomics with retention of viability: Sensitivity and resistance to Leucobacter infection linked to C.elegans cuticle composition" Chemistry and Physics of Lipids , 222:51-58
  • M. R. B. Batista, A. Watts and A. J. Costa-Filho (2019) "Exploring Conformational Transitions and Free-Energy Profiles of Proton-Coupled Oligopeptide Transporters" J. Chem. Theory Comput ., 15(11):6433-6443

Publications - 2018

  • P. Dijkman, O. Castell , A. Goddard , J. Munoz-Garcia , C. de Graaf , M. Wallace and A. Watts (2018) Dynamic tuneable G protein-coupled receptor monomer-dimer populations, Nature Comms
  • C. Sun, X. Ding, H. Cui, Y. Yang, S. Chen, A. Watts and X. Zhao (2018) "In situ study of the functions of bacterioruberin in the dual-chromophore photoreceptor, archaerhodopsin-4", Angew. Chemie. (Intl). 130(29);9075-9075
  • J. C. Muñoz-García[, R. I. dos Reis , R. J. Taylor, A. J. Henry and A. Watts (2018)"Nanodisc-Targeted STD NMR Spectroscopy Reveals Atomic Details of Ligand Binding to Lipid Environments" ChemBiochem, Vol. 19(10):1022-1025.
  • M-P. Pfeil, A. Pyne, V. Losasso, J. Ravi, B. Lamarre, N. Faruqui, H. Alkassem, K. Hammond, P. Judge, M. Winn, G. Martyna, J. Crain, A. Watts, B. Hoogenboom, and M. Ryadnov (2018) "Tuneable poration: host defense peptides as sequence probes for antimicrobial mechanisms" Scientific Reports, 8:14926
  • X. Ding, C. Sun, H. Cui, S. Chen, Y. Gao, Y. Yang, J. Wang, X. He, D. Iuga, F. Tian, A. Watts and X. Zhao (2018) Functional roles of tyrosine 185 during the bacteriorhodopsin photocycle revealed by in-situ spectroscopic studies. BBA Bioenergetics, 1859(10);1006-1014

Publications - 2017

Publications - 2016

Publications - 2015











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OUBSU Publications : 2000-2004









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OUBSU Publications : 1990-1999

Scientific papers 1995-9


Scientific papers 1990-4



1995 - 1999
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1990 - 1994
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Theses and Reports


Year Author Title
2014 Steven Lavington



2015 Alice Hart

The Role of β-Arrestin Finger Loop

Residues in GPCR Binding Affinity

2015 Patricia Dijkman

Biophysical Studies of Membrane Protein Structure and Function

2014 Roslin Adamson Probing GPCR-Gα interactions : a functional study by EM and SPR
2012 Olivia Berthoumieu

Single Molecule Studies of Seven Transmembrane Domain Proteins

2011 Marcella Orwick Biophysical and Magnetic Resonance Studies of Membrane Proteins
2009 Satita Tapaneeyakorn Towards NMR spectrocopic studies of the NTS1-NT complex
2008 Peter Judge Kinetics and modulation of the viral ion channel VPU from HIV-1
2007 Lubica Aslimovska High resolution structural studies of membrane proteins using solid state NMR
2007 Peter Harding A biophysical study of the G-protein coupled receptor neurotensin receptor 1
2006 Timothy Hadingham Biophysical studies of the G-protein coupled neurotensin receptor
2005 Chang Gyeom Kim Probing structures of membrane proteins and their inhibitors
2004 Vincent Lemaitre Non-covalent interactions in biomolecules studied by 17O NMR and MD simulations
2003 Jonathan Sharples The conformation of the β-ionone ring region of the chromophore of rhodopsin, in the dark and meta-I photostates
2002 Scott Goodall Probing the structure of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors in their binding site using solid state nuclear magnetic resonance
2001 James Mason Solid-state NMR Studies of bacteriorhodopsin and the purple membrane
2001 Jude Watts Probing inhibitor binding sites of the gastric H/K-ATPase
2000 Zareen Ahmed Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of phospholamban and its interaction with Ca2+-ATPase
1999 Phil Williamson The application of solid state nuclear magnetic resonance to the study of ligand protein interactions
1998 Clemens Glaubitz Probing structures of membrane proteins and their inhibitors