Paula Dobrinic

I work as a postdoc in the Klose lab, where I am studying mechanisms of gene expression regulation by Polycomb repressive complexes. Given that my project heavily depends on genomic approaches such as RNA-seq and ChIP-seq, I was lucky to join a lab with plenty of expertise in such methods, and what’s more important, to have colleagues and a supervisor that are ready to share their knowledge and offer valuable advice at any time. A collaborative and friendly atmosphere of the department impressed me from the day one – it was incredibly easy to settle in and take the plunge into my research project. I enjoy coming to work knowing that I’ll spend the day surrounded by smart and enthusiastic people that love science. 

As a postdoc and a member of the postdoc committee, I value department’s dedication to recognise and support postdocs’ needs. Through the mentoring scheme we can get career advices and guidance from a senior postdoc or a PI that’s not our direct line manager. Besides that, postdoc committee is organising events that could be of interest and benefit all Biochemistry postdoc. I am happy to be a part of that community and to collaborate with people from different labs to make our workplace even better.