Dr Mark Roberts

mark roberts

Dr Mark Roberts

Developing Biochemical Education

How do we develop the next generation of biochemists? How do we teach the scientific process? What skills do the next generation of scientists need?  It is these questions that my research addresses. Primarily this focusses on how we teach the practical side of biochemistry, alongside how we teach data analysis and interpretation. In doing so my research looks the integration of E-learning approaches alongside face to face teaching to develop deeper learning. Within this I also use synthetic biology approaches to engage students in practical biochemistry. Engaging the public in science is an important skill for any scientist, being able to explain complex data to a wide (and varied) audience. Part of my work looks at how we teach and develop these communication skills within our undergraduates.

Outside of educational research I have research interests in bacterial systems including  Porphyromonas gingivalis and synthetic biology approaches using bacterial cells.

I was a member of the FEBS Science and Society Committee and a member of the biochemical society Education Committee along with the education policy member of the biochemical society policy advisory panel.