With a large range of research topics, state-of-the-art facilities, and access to some of the world’s foremost scientific minds, this is the place to begin your research career.

We’re working to widen the scope of biochemistry, not only engaging with a broad variety of topics across 45 research groups but researching life at different scales, making new connections at molecular, structural and cell levels. So studying with us offers you a unique choice of biochemistry interests in which to specialise.

To support that range of research, our department invests in high-quality, cutting-edge equipment, giving you access to in-house facilities such as NMR, X-ray diffraction, crystallisation, biophysical analysis, analytical ultracentrifugation, FACS analysis and imaging microscopes. You’ll also be able to use facilities in other departments across the Medical Sciences division, as well as at places like the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, DIAMOND Light Source and Harwell Science and Innovation Campus.

In addition to its state-of-the-art facilities, our department building has been designed in an open, transparent style, to make it easy for you to meet other researchers, collaborate, and share ideas. We regularly hold departmental seminars that bring you together with our academic and research staff, many of whom have achieved international recognition, and you’ll be well connected and supported through your supervisors and graduate advisers.

90% of our recent alumni have gone on to pursue a career in academic or industrial research, while the remaining 10% hold positions in a variety of different sectors including patent law, scientific publishing, and teaching. So why not join them, by exploring how you can begin your career in our world-renown department.

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we train the next generation of researchers

We train the next generation of researchers

Our undergraduate and graduate courses aim to nurture and develop the critical thinking and creativity of our students, while exposing them to the latest methods and technologies. Each DPhil programme has different research areas. See which one suits you the most!

we aim to understand life

We aim to understand life

We aim to understand the structural, molecular and cellular principles that govern life. To do so, we drive multidisciplinary and collaborative research approaching biological problems from different angles and scales. Elucidating how a macromolecule works is to understand its function at the atomic, cellular and organismal level.

we have state of the art facilities

We have state-of-the-art facilities

We have the latest cutting-edge equipment in advanced fluorescence microscopy, crystallography, NMR, proteomics and biophysics to drive your research to unexplored horizons.

get exposed to thriving research through our seminar series

Get exposed to thriving research through our seminar series

We host the best researchers across the globe in our seminar series. Discover the latest scientific advances and engage with world-class speakers in open scientific discussions.

get involved in a diverse and friendly research community

Get involved in a diverse and friendly research community

We are a diverse, collaborative and vibrant community driven by a common goal to understand the fundamental basis of life.

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