Processes for external visitors

If you are not a day visitor, please contact your Biochemistry host for relevant forms.

If you are planning to use our facilities or equipment, it is essential that prior to that you contact your Biochemistry supervisor. When necessary, they will contact Biochemistry Admin (using the relevant form) for approval and to allow the workflow process to operate smoothly:

  • Please note that the Department of Biochemistry has its own procedure for all types of visitors.
  • The process uses online forms.
  • To access the Visitor Registration Form you must first contact your Biochemistry supervisor.


  • Short stay visitor information (attending a meeting, speaking on seminar) is available Under two weeks visitors: Day visitors tab.

  • If you are planning to use facilities and staying here longer than 24hrs, please see below more information on visitor steps.


Please choose from the tabs below:


It is important that every approved external visitor sees a member of the HR team to show their passport/visa before or on the day of arrival in the Department to verify their status in the UK.



More information about Right-to-work can be found additionally on step by step guide to the Employer Checking Service



We kindly ask you to deliver all completed forms at least six weeks before the planned arrival, to allow completion of the approval procedure.

Please always contact your departmental host prior to any action.


You should ALWAYS receive an official email from Departmental administration after your Visitor status approval, confirming access to the building. If you haven't received any information, please contact the HR team.


If you have been approved as a visitor by our Department, please remember that the Health and Safety form (accessible via Safety Office) needs to be completed/signed by both the sponsor/host and the visitor. The form must be taken to Biochemistry Safety office before or on the day of arrival so that office  can give you a Health and Safety induction. Please make an appointment with Biochemistry Safety office in advance.


No work of any kind must be carried out in the department until after the visitor has undergone H&S induction.


  Visitors who are using our facilities must go through two Health and Safety Inductions:

  one with Biochemistry Safety office where you discuss your individual projects and risks (BEFORE you start in the lab, please arrange this appointment directly with Biochemistry Safety office),

  and another 'General' safety induction (please contact the safety office regarding dates) for anyone staying longer than 2 weeks.


If you are working in the New Biochemistry Building (AKA Phase 2) but are not employed by the Department of Biochemistry, please contact the Reception Team for Induction and SharePoint access.